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#spinelove for the hunting dog

Why does this dog need chiropractic adjustments?

Feel you neck muscles at rest, then take a bite of an apple and feel your neck muscles. Then try to swim, grab an apple floating in water, swim back with your mouth half open and then run and jump over a few trees. Can you imaging you would have some jaw pain at the end of that? Then imagine doing it repetitively until your owner limits on ducks for the day. (Because we all know, you’re that good of a shot!) You’ll definitely be sore and maybe seeking a chiropractor of your own.

Your hunting dog is tough, there’s no doubt about that. They were bred to ensure some iffy terrain, temperamental weather and work for an unknown amount of time. They likely wont show you they are in pain, and you shouldn’t wait until they are to seek care. Your hunting buddy loves to work and desires to be at their best when y'all are together, and chiropractic care can help with that.

When your dog runs with something in its mouth, it engages muscles in its jaw, neck and front limbs. It makes it harder to extend fully in the front and puts extra stress on the spine. This can lead to subluxations in the TMJ, as well at the cervical spine. This type of wear and tear is typical and expected for any bird dog. Subluxations put pressure on the nerves (and almost every nerve is effected between the cervical spine and TMJ) which leads to muscle degeneration and weakness. Getting your dog adjusted regularly will keep those subluxations at bay and keep the body aligned and strong.

Maybe your dog doesn’t carry a bird, maybe you have a hound? Don’t you just love the sound of that bawl when they’ve treed something? But think about that body posture, hind legs fully extended, front legs fully extended, and neck/head fully extended. And typically jumping straight up the tree from that position right? Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it. This dog would likely benefit from a fully body adjustment, from the hips to the head.

How about those hog dogs? They put some serious physical effort into what they do, and they absolutely love it! Keep them loving it by adjusting that neck after a big night of multiple catches.

The benefits of chiropractic don’t end at just putting joints back in line. Adjustments increase the immune system response allowing your pet to heal faster, and fight off illness. So those cuts and scrapes for the thorn patch he chose to run through will hardly be noticeable in no time. Adjustments also keep the nervous system firing correctly which allows the dog to know exactly where its feet are at all times, making its steps more purposeful and efficient.

I mention again, regular adjustments are the key to health. The nervous system is king, it controls everything. Keeping your pet in line helps maintain appropriate muscle which will fight to keep those joints in correct alignment. If you wait until you notice a change in gate, behavior or attitude the muscle will have already adapted to the abnormal joint and will start to think the abnormal is normal and want to return it that way. This makes it harder for the dog to hold its adjustment and ultimately will require more visits and physical therapy to correct that imbalance. Who wants that?!

Schedule an appointment today, don’t let your most valuable asset go another day without some #spinelove

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