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When NOT to Adjust

I push hard for my clients to understand the importance of using a certified animal chiropractor, meaning one that took a course and paid extra money to LEARN exactly how to adjust animals. There is absolutely an art to it, and for me, I don’t care if you are impressed by what I look like adjusting. I care if your animal is aligned properly so that they can feel and function their best. In the end, you will see that even if it only takes me 10 min to adjust your horse instead of the expected 30 min, I’ve adjusted what your horse needed and not what your human nature expected.

Let me explain a little more. I could easily “put on a show” and act like more things are subluxated than they are, and make you really feel like you are getting your moneys worth. This isn’t my style and it is absolutely NOT in the best interest of your horse to have joints adjusted that aren’t subluxated. If you adjust joints that are normal then you are pushing them into subluxation- which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish.

Now here’s the common complaint. “Why do I have to pay for it if you only adjusted a couple things?”. My answer- because you are paying for the fact I know NOT to adjust something! This to me is far more important than someone who comes in and adjusts every single joint and shows you the adjustment you had in mind. Chiropractic is NEVER EVER EVER the same, it is always fluid and always changing.

So here’s my recommendation to you. Expect to pay, but expect nothing more than that. Don’t have an image of what you think it should look like to adjust your animal. Trust the 9 years of education, trust the extra 240 hours of chiropractic training on top of my veterinary education. Trust the six figures worth of debt I have to learn this. Trust your animals innate ability to heal itself and stay healthy.

That is my short rant for today. Get your animals adjusted! I come to you, or you can meet me at Midlothian Vet Clinic for no farm call. Horses and dogs!

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