At Home Chiropractic


Acupuncture is centuries old and based on keeping the natural energy (Qi) of the body balanced. This practice of medicine takes personalities, behavior, strength of pulse and tongue color into account to interpret what the body is telling us. Needles stimulate points along meridians that send healing signals to the body. In horses we use a scan that helps us see problem areas before clinical signs appear! I strongly encourage scanning your horse before and after an event to try to catch potential problems early. Acupuncture is frequently mixed with chiropractic for best results.  

Service available for all animals


Chiropractic care focuses on the bodies 'innate ability' to heal itself. We specifically focus on the central nervous system and spine, which ultimately controls the body down to the cellular level. We do adjustments in animals to help the body realign and promote healing. Animals have proven they perform more consistently when they have regular adjustments. We encourage monthly adjustments to keep your pet healthy. 

Service available for all animals

Other Therapeutic Services Offered: 


-Laser therapy 

-Magna wave/PEMF therapy 

-Supplements and Herbal therapy 

Sleeping Dogs

Wellness Care for Current Clients*

(Dogs and Horses  )

Comprehensive Exam, Vaccines/Titers, Deworming

Health Certificates, Coggins, Equine Dentistry

Please note: I aim to include chiropractic care in every wellness appointment. I try to avoid overstimulation of your animals system, and I always try to honor a 3 year vaccine protocol. To me, less is more and I truly aim to create a healthy animal. 

USDA domestic and international health certificates available. 


**During COVID I am only providing wellness care to current clients**