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Integrative Approach to Mobility and Rehabilitation for Animals 

At Back in Motion we offer a patient centered approach to clients seeking integrative care and rehabilitation for their animals. We treat our patients as individuals, and never utilize protocols in treatment. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience while focusing on improving mobility and strength. 

We offer the following services: 

- Consultations for mobility relating to orthopedic and neurologic conditions 

- Acupuncture 

- Chiropractic 

- Photobiomodulation (LASER Therapy) 

- Pharmaceuticals and Supplements 

- Rehabilitation Exercises 

- Underwater Treadmill 

- Platelet Rich Plasma Injections/Joint Injections 

- Digital Radiographs (Including OFA/PennHip)

Our goal will always be to treat the root problem, and not just the clinical symptoms. Our staff is passionate about wellness, and we treat your animals like our own. We can't wait to welcome you to our family! 

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